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Toot! v1.9.2 has been released!

This version is a smaller update that just adds creating polls and some bug fixes. OR DOES IT?

Here's what's new:

* You can now create a poll when posting a new toot.
* Fixed an issue that could make notifications stop arriving.
* Fixed clicking on links to toots.
* Fixed sharing screenshots.
* Added Toot! for Men.

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Mastodon is not a medium which is conducive to debate. When I post a controversial viewpoint, it can show up in a lot of feeds, and responses to it can generate a lot of notifications in mine.

If I don't answer your question with the same level of good faith and carefully justified reasoning as you did, it's probably because you're the 10th person to express that viewpoint and I'm getting kind of tired of it.

Yeah, it sucks to be in that position, but the alternative is that I treat mastodon as a write-only medium. Let's meet somewhere in the middle?

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Pretty sure Google isn't capable of making a micro-anything

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@a1batross why anyone admires the engineering culture at Google is beyond me

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I admire Watcom for starting out head to head with the competition, and launching the first version of their C compiler as "version 6.0" 😆

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I just wanna get in my car
I wanna go fast and I gotta go far
- Madonna, 'Turn Up The Radio'

I've made a new game !!!!!!

THE INFINITE STORM is a post-apocalyptic adventure where you ride across desolate wastelands in your shitty Holden Torana, trying to put an end to a mysterious storm that has ravaged a desert.

Fortunately, you're guided by a digital companion, so it shouldn't be hard to search for clues, uncover the story, stop the storm, and get the hell out of there. Right?

Check it out here:

#GameDev #Games

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There are not enough cages and chains. This is an outrage!

— Urdim Atîsmusar, sheriff

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I'm working on something that would allow schools to run sandboxed Mastodon servers for educational purposes, but I need to modify the frontpage in such a way as to make it abundantly clear to random visitors that they couldn't participate in the network/fediverse if they signed up there.

I'll probably figure something out but ideas appreciated.


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The lovely folks at Pimoroni messaged me on birdsite to say they’re sending me the official Raspberry Pi power adapter for free and wouldn’t budge when I tried to convince them that I was happy to pay for it (just didn’t want to pay for shipping again).

Please support them: they’re an independent shop in the UK and they have lots of yummy things for tinkering with electronics and computers and awesome customer service:

#RaspberryPi #Pimoroni

@sir @emersion Got it, I wasn’t sure if hydroxide was recommended for being open source or for lack of first-party alternative. Thanks for clarifying.

@sir protonmail now offers a smtp bridge: I have only tried it with Apple Mail thus far, but I believe it should work with any other client.

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Okay. I'll set up my mail server and start a pbem list 👍

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Anyone with a little graphic design mojo mind making a quick little design for me? I need a little stamp which says "Plaintext Certified" along the middle and "Recommend Email Client" around the inner circumference

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In the midst of conflict... I laugh in the face of death!

— Lòr Erargusil, bookkeeper

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Happy Moon Landing Day! Took a screenshot of the lunar lander in the game #Astroneer today!

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